The Chomerics division of Parker Hannifin Corporation launches a trio of new PRO-SHIELD products into the European marketplace. This range of coatings, paints and sealants enables users to produce plastic components with a stable EMI shield. Applications in sectors including electronics, telecoms and medical can benefit.

PRO-SHIELD 7100 is a nickel-filled electrically conductive coating that provides a cost-effective EMI shielding solution for plastic parts or electronic enclosures. This durable acrylic coating shields electronic equipment utilising the nickel filler’s ferromagnetic properties, absorbing electromagnetic waves to afford good shielding across a range of frequencies.

The one-part (no mixing required) coating is easy-to-use and cures completely within two to four hours, producing shielding effectiveness of 45-60dB for applications varying from electronic housings, medical devices, industrial cabinets and access panels through to ECMs, telecom infrastructure and portable electronics.

For those needing even higher EMI protection in the same wide range of applications, it is releasing another electrically conductive coating. PRO-SHIELD 7108 is silver-filled to offer premium EMI shielding and surface conductivity to protect critical electronic equipment.

Provided in aerosol cans, PRO-SHIELD 7108 is also excellent for spraying prototypes and performing initial qualification testing. This coating cures completely in 24 hours, giving shielding effectiveness of 70-89dB.

Both coatings offer strong adhesion to plastics that comprise polycarbonate, epoxy, ABS, PC/ABS, PVC and PPE.

Completing the trio of new products is PRO-SHIELD 7002, a corrosion-resistant electrically conductive silicone sealant. This nickel-plated, graphite-filled product is an easy-to-use sealant or gap filler for horizontal or vertical surfaces. It flows smoothly for application on parts with complex geometries and difficult-to-fill crevasses, serving as a cost-effective way to decrease EMI in commercial electronics.

The product is tack-free in 24 hours and cures completely in seven days, providing a shielding effectiveness of 40-60dB. Available in 6oz tubes, it is excellent for all the aforementioned applications, as well as commercial aircraft.