Yokogawa has released a new Current Sensor Element and upgraded the firmware for its WT5000 Precision Power Analyser. The enhancements are intended to assist companies enhance performance when developing or evaluating electronic devices such as EV related equipment or systems for solar and wind power installations.

The new Current Sensor Element runs off the internal DC power supply of the analyser, making external power supplies redundant. This makes set up for measurements simpler as the only things needed are the current sensor and a connecting cable.

Three sensor connection cable lengths are offered – 3m, 5m and 10m. This aids in taking account of varying test bench layouts, where the power analyser may not be located next to the device under test. The three different cable lengths enable users to choose the one most fitting for their set up while keeping the leads as short as feasible.

Firmware is upgraded, with the Data Streaming function now supporting a 50ms to one-second update rate. With the new upgrade, the device calculates all parameters over measurement periods of up to 50ms, providing a better insight into the dynamic behaviour of the device under test. The upgraded firmware now also provides a 10ms update rate.

Other upgrades incorporate improvements to the menu, such as Current Phase Correction and Amplitude Correction, which makes setting up external sensors simpler by compensating for the phase and gain error.

The power analyser provides the highest measurement accuracy of ±0.03% combined with noise immunity, stability and plug-in modular flexibility to satisfy the measurement requirements of those developing energy-efficient systems.

“The WT5000, which is the flagship model of our power analyser WT series, is now more convenient and capable for companies measuring power consumption and efficiency as part of their development cycle,” explains Terry Marrinan, VP Global Marketing. “With the upgraded firmware, engineers can capture waveforms in more detail, allowing them to optimise their designs.”

“In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there is an ever-greater need to protect the environment and develop clean energy solutions,” states Kelvin Hagebeuk, marketing manager at Yokogawa T&M Europe. “The enhanced functionality of our WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer ensures that our customers can maximise the performance of electronic devices used in EVs and renewable energy systems.”