New Yorker Electronics now offers Cornell Dubilier Electronics’ new ALH Series of AC Harmonic Filter Capacitors with a 1,500-hour rating. This new CDE series is produced with the most advanced construction technology to satisfy the difficulties of harsh environments. The series claims to provide 50% greater life than competitive 85/85 THB-rated power film capacitors with designs that pass the difficulties of automotive-grade electrical and mechanical testing.

The THB test exposes parts to the harsh conditions of 85C at 85% relative humidity with rated voltage applied. The company’s testing has been validated for 1,500 hours, while competitors validate theirs for 1,000 hours under the same conditions. This rigorous test simulates the very harsh operating conditions faced in many commercial and industrial inverter applications that may induce conventional film capacitors to fail early due to moisture penetration.

The series is optimised for AC harmonic filtering on the input and output of inverter circuits. Capacitance ranges from 0.22μF to 50μF at 160-450VAC, 50/60Hz with high RMS current ratings for handling higher-ordered harmonics.

The series provides self-healing, metallised polypropylene-film in a robust board-mount package that satisfies the rigours of automotive AEC Q200 testing. The solvent-resistant, box-style plastic case and resin-seal are UL/cUL 94V-0 recognised for construction designs, with tin-plated copper RoHS compliant terminations. The superior construction makes these capacitors ideal for wind, solar, UPS, EV and other inverters applications that can be subjected to broad-ranging environmental conditions.