Omron electronic Components Europe has added a new product to the B5W series of optical sensors. The new B5W-DB diffuse reflector sensor provides a longer sensing distance of 550mm, longer than light convergent resistance sensors of the same size, making it perfect for COVID safe user interfaces.

The device provides enhanced disturbance light resistance, making the product less susceptible to ambient light. The sensor can be positioned from four directions, and it works on an impressively low current consumption of 20mA maximum.

The new diffuse reflector sensor opens itself up to sterilisation equipment, washroom equipment and entry control system applications. Touchless sensors provide a lower infection risk, making them COVID-secure and offering peace of mind to patrons using facilities in washrooms and other public spaces. They can also activate security and door entry systems when an individual seeking admission and operating sterilisation equipment, decreasing the risk of cross-infection.

The sensors are especially effective at distinguishing black, transparent, reflective and other hard to detect surfaces, and the new range also provides enhanced performance in this area.

In addition to the new sensor, the miniature B5W-LB2101 and LB2112 are still offered with analogue or digital outputs with a sensing range of 10-55mm for white paper, falling to 10-40mm for black. These devices are sized at 40mm x 8.4mm x 15.9mm. For applications needing an even and more compact solution, the super-miniature B5W-LB1112 is only 26mm x 8.4mm x 13mm. It offers a sensing distance of 2-10mm for white paper and 3-8mm for black. All digital devices are provided in light-on and light-off form and are sealed to IP50.