New M12 push-pull connectors

New M12 push-pull connectors

Phoenix Contact has extended its existing M12 portfolio to include new push-pull connectors with internal locking.

The cross-manufacturer locking system based on IEC 61076-2-010 enables easy cabling and space-saving device connection.

The tool-free connection offers advantages during installation, especially in confined spaces and applications with a high cabling density, such as in factory automation. Components can be inserted and removed faster, which reduces the installation time by up to 80 percent compared to screw connections.

In addition to the M12 flush-type female connectors for front and rear mounting, there is now also an M12 push-pull flush-type female connector that is countersunk into the device and sits flush with the housing. This saves installation space and allows for compact housing designs.

In combination with the existing M12 push-pull connectors with external locking, flying leads enable extensions in the field.

Thanks to standardisation, the product range offers cross-manufacturer compatibility and is available worldwide.