Fujikura has launched a new speciality cleaver range, the CT-105+, and upgraded its FSM-100 splicer series to incorporate a new fibre alignment method.

The series of cleavers provides a new clamping function that enhances cleave angles by automatically detecting the optimal camping force. As well as a 75% reduction in clamp force, there is a 90% reduction in the consumption of fibre compared with the CT-105.

The system also allows engineers to speed up the cleaving process noticeably, and alongside improvements in blade material which indicate a meaningful improvement in the lifespan of the blade, it generates high cost and time efficiencies.

The series comprises a micrometre backstop to improve cleave quality and the capability to angle cleave from 0-15 degrees. There is also the option to add a fibre holder adapter which allows the fibre to be transferred from the cleaver to the fusion splicer smoothly without removing it from the fibre holder system.

Neil Bessant, Fujikura Europe Fusion Splicer Divisional manager, said:

“Our R&D teams are constantly working to improve the tools available, to speed up the process, make it easier to do an excellent job and ensure maximum efficiency. Every sale also comes with an industry-leading aftercare package of support to ensure the best experience for customers and that they are getting the fastest ROI.”