The WPC has released the Qi 1.3 specification that needs authentication for improved safety when transmitting up to 15W of power between a transmitter and a receiver.

To satisfy the demands of the specification, Microchip Technology offers a new Qi 1.3 wireless charging reference design giving developers of wireless charging systems for automotive and consumer applications the necessary tools and support for the seamless integration and certification of new-generation product designs.

For wireless charging system developers launching certified Qi 1.3 transmitters under tight timelines, its three-coil Qi 1.3 reference design offers a head start for product development. The reference design completely integrates secure storage subsystem software with the wireless power MCU and is a flexible solution, facilitating custom topologies and FOD implementation.

“Wireless charging makes it easy and convenient for consumers to charge devices and, as a result, demand for these systems in the automotive and consumer segments is on the rise,” said Joe Thomsen, vice president, MCU16 business unit. “Microchip’s Qi 1.3 reference design, tools and support help engineers to meet rapidly evolving development requirements and enable easy certification of the new Qi 1.3 transmitter designs, speeding time to market and easing end-product certification.”

Included in its reference design solution are all required elements: Qi controller, Qi application software, provisioned authentication controller that is a WPC-approved secure storage subsystem and crypto software libraries that execute on the Qi controller. The reference design comprises complete schematics, BOM, software and design guidelines.