Las Vegas, USA – January 9, 2020 – NXP Semiconductors NV (NASDAQ: NXPI), the world’s largest supplier of automotive semiconductor solutions, announces the launch of a multi-gigabit Ethernet switch , helping automakers deliver the high-speed networks needed for evolving connected vehicles. NXP’s SJA1110 is the first automotive Ethernet switch with built-in functional safety mechanisms, integrating 100BASE-T1 PHY, hardware-assisted network security functions, and multi-gigabit-class interfaces. Optimized for integration with NXP’s S32G in-vehicle network processor, the SJA1110 switch is also part of an overall network solution that includes the VR5510 power management IC. By combining these features, the solution addresses the formidable challenges facing today’s in-vehicle networks, including scalability, reliability, security and high-speed traffic engineering.

Advanced new service-oriented gateways and domain controllers need to accommodate interconnected services such as over-the-air updates and emerging data-driven applications, while also supporting the underlying Ethernet-based network sensors, actuators, and processing units. These networks must be scalable and must be able to transfer data quickly and securely without compromising the car, passengers or their personal data. In addition, these automotive networks must provide the required functional safety to keep people safe in the event of a vehicle failure.

With the right combination of hardware features and a balanced number of high and low ECU ports, the SJA1110 Ethernet switch helps automakers achieve scalability, security and performance. The SJA1110 is compliant with the latest TSN standards and offers an integrated 100BASE-T1 PHY, hardware-assisted network security features, and a multi-gigabit interface.


With the SJA1110, customers can meet their ASIL requirements and enrich the safety features of their vehicles by implementing dedicated fault detection mechanisms that support predictive maintenance solutions. Such solutions can significantly improve the comfort of the end vehicle owner, as well as reduce costs and improve efficiency for large fleet management companies.


As part of a layered security approach, NXP developed the SJA1110 with its extensive experience in bank cards and e-passports, coupled with hardware-assisted secure boot, protection against denial-of-service attacks and distributed intrusion detection. The SJA1110 switch processes each Ethernet frame arriving at the ECU by validating it against hardware-based security rules that collect statistics and trigger an escalation if a non-compliance occurs. Such mechanisms are the basis for building state-of-the-art firewalls and intrusion detection systems.


The SJA1110 switch is available in four hardware (HW) and software (SW) compatible versions and includes a rich set of original NXP software, open integrated controllers and multiple BOM optimization options for complex gateways, advanced driver assistance systems and The scalable ECU design of the infotainment unit provides a solid foundation.

NXP Automotive Network System Solutions

As part of an automotive network system solution including the VR5510 PMIC, the SJA1110 multi-gigabit secure automotive Ethernet switch is optimized for integration with the S32G in-vehicle network processor. Together, the S32G processor and the SJA1110 help the automotive industry move to a high-performance, domain-based vehicle architecture with reduced software complexity and improved safety. Already adopted by major OEMs around the world, the S32G processor will play an important role in service-oriented gateways, helping OEMs transform from car manufacturers to vehicle data-driven service providers, thereby expanding business opportunities.

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