Cosel Co, Ltd . has introduced its AEA600F series of 600-W free-air convection cooling power supplies. The open-frame power supplies can deliver 300% peak power for up to 1,000 milliseconds for medical and industrial applications. This supports the need for power supplies to deliver extra power during peak operation times as required by dynamic loads such as at motor startup.

Designed for applications that require a high level of safety, the AEA600F is certified to the EN62477-1 (OVC III) standard for industrial applications and is approved by ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, and EN60601-1 3rd Edition for medical applications. The AEA600F is suitable for Body Floating (BF) applications and complies with the 2MOPP (IN/OUT) and 1MOPP (OUT/FG) safety requirement.

Open-frame power supplies feature 300% peak powerIn addition, the AEA600F complies with safety requirements: UL (USA), C-UL (Canada), DEMKO (Denmark), and TUV (Germany). The product is UL62368-1 and EN62368-1 certified and conforms to the European RoHS, REACH and Low voltage Directives.

The AEA600F also is certified to the EN62477-1 Over Voltage Category Three (OVC III). This means that a final equipment powered by the products can be directly connected to the main distribution Panel without adding an extra level of isolation, said Cosel, which simplifies system design, reduces costs, and guarantees high efficiency.

Designed for international applications, the  AEA600F provide an input voltage of 85 to 264 VAC. Three output voltages are available: 24 V, 36 V and 48 V with respective current ratings of 25 A, 16.7 A and 12.5A . The output voltage can be adjusted using a built-in potentiometer.

Open-frame power supplies feature 300% peak power

AEA600F block diagram (Source: Cosel)

The AEA600F includes built-in inrush current, overcurrent, overvoltage protection circuits, and thermal protection. The operating temperature range is -20°C to 70°C. The power supply measures 41 x 127 x 186 mm (1.61 x 5 x 7.32 inches) in an open frame and can be connected in parallel up to six units. It also offers a range of options for application-specific requirements and a five-year warranty.

These power supplies target a wide range of applications, including robots and robotics, infusion-pumps, ventilators, actuators, process control, radio and transmission equipment, and emergency signaling.

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