The son, who is far away, installed China Telecom Tianyi’s housekeeping in his home. On his father’s birthday, he met his father in surveillance and sent his son’s blessings.

The village committee in Xishuangbanna used Tianyi’s housekeeping camera to check the entry of wild elephants into the village and notify the villagers to do a good job of protection.

University students in Hangzhou, click the camera of the restaurant on the takeaway platform to view the back-kitchen service, and choose their favorite delicacies around them with confidence.

The flood in Henan this year affects the hearts of the people across the country. China Telecom has quickly connected to the Internet in many places in Henan and installed multiple cameras to allow netizens to broadcast live programs on CCTV in Henan. Based on the slow live broadcast capability of the video network, they can understand the flood conditions in many places in Henan.

These wonderful video surveillance services are supported by an innovative network.

At the 2021 International Digital Technology Exhibition and Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo held recently, China Telecom officially released the fifth basic network-Tianyi Vision Network. This network has the characteristics of full coverage, wide connectivity, high intelligence, and full openness, which has aroused heated discussions from all parties.

Many people wondered: China Telecom already has 4 large networks covering the whole country, such as mobile network, broadband network, Internet of Things, and satellite network. Why should it spend so much effort to build a fifth network? Why is China Telecom able to build a large network covering the whole country so quickly, and what value can it bring to consumers?

In fact, when Tang Ke, the deputy general manager of China Telecom, mentioned the industry-oriented and public-oriented scene business, the author found the answer. The author happened to go to Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province to visit the “Ming Chu Liang Stove” business last month, and Tianyi Housekeeping was installed in the author’s home.

Opening up a new track for government, enterprise and home business: China Telecom’s fifth network is awesome!

Based on this, the author can better feel the value that Tianyi Network brings to users-it will accelerate the development of people’s digital life and social digital governance. China Telecom’s rapid completion of the Tianyi Vision network is due to the continuous implementation of the “cloud to data transfer” strategy, with 5G and cloud as the core, creating a new information infrastructure, operation support system, and technological innovation hard core strength of cloud network integration.

Building Tianyi Vision Network: Driven by Business and Technology Development

The network is the cornerstone of all businesses in the digital world. China Telecom already has 4 large networks with solid foundations-the world’s largest LTE-FDD network, the world’s largest 5G SA co-construction shared network, the world’s largest gigabit fiber network, the world’s largest NB-IoT network, and it is the only satellite mobile communication in China Operator.

The Tianyi Vision Network released by China Telecom this time literally means to carry video-type services. You may want to ask, currently 5G and broadband can also carry video services, what is so special about e-Surfing Networking?

At the press conference, Tang Ke explained the advantages of this network in detail. He said that Tianyi Vision Network has the characteristics of high-speed ubiquity, cloud-network integration, safety and reliability. Based on flexible and open cloud resources, high-speed ubiquitous 5G/high-bandwidth network, distributed adaptive edge architecture, etc., it forms a pan-terminal The core capabilities of the cloud network edge such as extensive access, video dedicated cloud, and video dedicated network.

The author understands that this means that e-Surfing Networking is not a simple basic network, it is a logical division and capability upgrade based on 5G and broadband networks, showing China Telecom’s cloud, network, edge, end, and application The core capabilities of security, intelligence, and maintenance, supporting the collection, transmission, storage, and analysis of video services, are the result of China Telecom’s cloud-network integration.

Why does China Telecom launch Tianyi Vision Network?

First of all, from the perspective of business development, the current video surveillance and digital cities continue to develop, and the video business field has become a new blue ocean. According to data released by Omdia, the global smart video surveillance and related infrastructure market will reach US$24.2 billion in 2021 and US$31.9 billion in 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate of 7.1%.

Ke Ruiwen, Chairman of China Telecom, said at the expo that China Telecom is not only able to provide video platform services for home and corporate customers, but also AI services for terminal partners, as well as cloud-network integration and cloud-network linkage for manufacturers based on Tianyi’s networking. Service.

The release of Tianyi Network will undoubtedly make China Telecom even more powerful in this video business competition.

Secondly, from the perspective of network capabilities, e-Surfing Networking will enable China Telecom to have mass deployment, multi-mode access; second-level activation, precise positioning; one jump into the cloud, safe and reliable; cloud-side collaboration, flexible expansion; one network management , Differentiated advantages such as standard operation and maintenance.

Tang Ke mentioned in the release that China Telecom has built an intensive operation platform for Tianyi Vision based on the base of the integration of the network and cloud network. The platform can serve multi-dimensional scenarios such as digital homes, villages, communities, cities, etc., and support multiple products and series of solutions.

It is not difficult to find that this network will further complement China Telecom’s network capabilities. Industry insiders also pointed out that China Telecom has upgraded Tianyi as a basic network, indicating that governments and enterprises do not need to deploy local private networks when deploying video applications. This not only reduces costs, but also accelerates the development of video services.

Finally, from the perspective of specific product solutions, the product system supported by Tianyi Networks includes Tianyi Housekeeping for 2C/2H (individual consumers and home users), which can provide family security, care for the elderly and children, care homes, and nursing homes. Tangshoudi and other business scenarios; For 2B/2G (corporate and government) Tianyi Yunyan, it provides services such as Ping An Insight, Bright Kitchen and Stove, Tianyi Emergency, and Smart Commercial Enterprises.

Opening up a new track for government, enterprise and home business: China Telecom’s fifth network is awesome!

Based on this Tianyi video network, China Telecom puts forward a new business development plan: during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, more than 100 million video terminal access (such as surveillance cameras) will be realized, which will drive the industrial economy to over 100 billion yuan and promote the whole society. The improvement of digital governance capabilities and governance systems.

At this time, when we look at Tianyi Networking, we may be able to clearly hear that in the digital age, China Telecom will rely on video services to play the beautiful melody of the digital age.

What’s the value?Two major businesses give the answer

From the above analysis, we know that E-Surfing Network has powerful capabilities and can empower customers with AI and cloud computing capabilities. However, ordinary users and small and medium-sized enterprises do not have a special understanding of What value can they get from this network? Let me share two products with a deeper experience.

Experience 1: “Bright Kitchen and Bright Stove” was launched on a large scale

The author went to Zhejiang before and learned about the “bright kitchen and bright stove” case supported by Zhejiang Telecom. “Ming Chu Liang Stove” belongs to the Tianyi Yunyan product system. It adopts video technology or see through the file method to publicize the food processing process of the restaurant, so as to show the key links of food processing of the catering business unit and accept the society. Supervision, so that consumers can eat more assured food.

At the same time, the video service provided by “Ming Chu Liang Stove” not only allows ordinary consumers and government managers to see the status of the back kitchen such as burning hot oil, cooking and stir-frying in real time, but also allows food and beverages to be inspected through the AI ​​inspection function. Merchant managers view the live video of their kitchen. The service can be reviewed all day for seven days, and can be checked and monitored.

Opening up a new track for government, enterprise and home business: China Telecom’s fifth network is awesome!

Legend: The author saw the camera in the back kitchen of a restaurant in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. There are more and more sunny kitchens.

As of November 15th, with the support of China Telecom, more than 61,000 catering companies in Zhejiang Province have completed camera installations and connected to the “Ming Kitchen Liang Stove” platform, and more than 64,000 cameras have been deployed in total. Among them, “Sunshine Kitchen” in Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Jinhua and other places has a larger scale of development.

Through the visit, the author can feel that the “Ming Kitchen and Bright Stove” has opened up all links of government supervision, food platform, and ordinary people, putting on the reins of supervision for food safety, a wild horse that has been running wild for many years. It is foreseeable that more “sunshine kitchens” will be built in the land of China in the future, bringing great value to all parties in the society. For example, the video surveillance equipment industry will usher in a wave of small development peaks.

Experience 2: Tianyi Housekeeping is very popular

Because the author’s parents bought a new house, they lived less in their hometown. The safety of my hometown has become a concern for my parents. To this end, the author opened Tianyi’s housekeeping business in his hometown. Based on this service, parents can see the movement of their home yard at any time on their mobile phones, and can retrieve stored information at any time, which is very convenient; if a criminal enters the home, the Tianyi Housekeeping camera will automatically brighten and give a warning.

In addition to safety guarantees for many young people working hard in the city, the parents of Tianyi Housekeeping are getting older and older and can pay attention to their every move at any time; for left-behind children, parents can always see their children’s life and learning status at home. Let love have no distance. At present, Tianyi Housekeeping is very popular in the rural areas of Sichuan, Guizhou and other major labor exporting provinces. With the evolution of China Telecom’s smart home strategy, Tianyi Housekeeping will also fully extend to the smart community.

From the successful business, foresee the bright future of Tianyi Networking

The rapid development of the two major businesses of “Ming Kitchen Bright Stove” and Tianyi Housekeeping is inseparable from the Tianyi Vision Network supported by cloud-network integration. Conversely, if there is no Tianyi Networking, it will not be able to support the rapid, large-scale, and stable development of these businesses.

It is reported that China Telecom’s video capability platform can provide tens of millions of equipment access, 1 billion level of video writing, hundreds of billions of data storage and fast retrieval capabilities. At present, the platform has more than 20 million connected devices and more than 10 million concurrent online devices for cloud storage.

From the business experience, the author found that the fast-developing video surveillance business calls for matching video networking. Because the traditional network bandwidth cannot support the increase in transmission data brought by video backhaul; the video network cannot adapt to the harsh outdoor environment, which often causes video data damage or freezes; the rapid growth of video equipment, but the traditional network faces high costs and time Long, big energy consumption problem.

The Tianyi Vision Network released by China Telecom undoubtedly perfectly matches all the needs of video services.

Why is China Telecom the first to release a dedicated video network? In the author’s opinion, China Telecom is the first operator to develop cloud-network integration, adhering to the direction of “network as the foundation, cloud as the core, network moving with the cloud, and cloud-network integration” to create ubiquitous intelligence, intelligent computing, digital platforms, Native security and other capabilities.

It is this kind of advantage that enables China Telecom’s network to be quickly and massively built into Tianyi’s network.

On the other hand, Tianyi Networking is a powerful manifestation of China Telecom’s implementation of the 24-word strategic policy of “high-speed ubiquitous, integrated world, cloud-network integration, smart and agile, green and low-carbon, safe and controllable”. “Ming Kitchen, Bright Stove” and “Tianyi Housekeeping” also show that network innovation is the key to promoting the development of the digital economy. It also shows that China Telecom has chosen the right path in the exploration of cloud-network integration.

From an industrial perspective, the e-Surfing Network brings great value to government management, enterprise development, consumers and other parties, and promotes industrial upgrading.

It is foreseeable that China Telecom will join hands with all parties in the industry to create business benchmarks based on Tianyi’s networking and accelerate the scale of more video services. Following the trend, Tianyi Network will enable the development of the digital world and a better future.

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