PCIM: On’s 1.2kV SiC diodes and 650V superjunction mosfets

Of the diodes, On said: “The new design improves on the first generation SiC diodes thanks to a smaller die size and lower capacitance. NVDSH20120C, NDSH20120C, NVDSH50120C, and NDSH50120C deliver a lower forward voltage drop and a 4x increase in rated current, with a higher di/dt of 3,500A/μs. The smaller die size also returns a 20% lower thermal resistance in an F2 package.”

Picking the AEC−Q101 qualified and PPAP capable 20A NVDSH20120C at random: the typical 20A forward voltage is 1.38 at 25°C (1.75max), 1.64V at 125°C and 1.87V at 175°C.

In its two lead TO-247 package, junction-to-case thermal resistance is 0.7°C/W max and junction-to-ambient is 40°C/W max.

Total charge is typically 100nC at 800V, and 100kHz capacitance is ~1.5nF at Vr = 1V, 82pF at 400V and 58pF at 800V.

Abs max non-repetitive 10μs forward surge capability is 854A at Tc = 150°C, non-repetitive 8.3ms half-sine pulse capability is 119A (temp not specified) and for repetitive half-sine pulses the figure is 40A.

Dissipation is 214W abs max at Tc = 25°C, falling to 35W at 150°C.

Applications are foreseen in electric vehicle charging stations, on-board chargers and dc-dc converters, as well as solar inverters and un-interruptible PSUs.

The company also announced 650V ‘Superfet III’ superjunction mosfets for 5G, electric vehicle charging stations, telecoms and servers at PCIM, with few other details.

It is presenting several 650V seminars at the virtual event and has some webinars click here for details

The NVDSH20120C product page is here