In order to meet the strong market demand for next-generation high-end customized storage products, Phison, one of the leaders in NAND control, has just acquired Nextorage, a joint venture established by the two parties, from Sony Storage Media Solutions (SSMS). shares in a subsidiary of the Corporation. It is reported that SSMS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Group.

The acquisition will continue Phison’s expansion plan into the high-end custom storage market, covering high-resolution image processing systems, automotive electronics, gaming systems, factory automation, Electronic medical equipment, and industrial robots.

In addition to high-speed data access, the high-end application market often needs to introduce a certain degree of system customization/optimization adjustment for end products. In other words, the existing standardized products on the market cannot be perfectly matched/integrated with customized systems.

After noticing the gap in such customization demand, Phison’s acquisition of the joint venture subsidiary Nextorage from SSMS is no longer difficult to understand – the latter’s performance in the customized high-end storage market is quite strong.

Previously, the two parties have carried out quite in-depth cooperation and won a large number of design-in projects from Japanese customers. After the acquisition, Qunli will be able to further enhance its R&D resources in the local market, thereby providing better support to Japanese customers.

Going forward, Nextorage will maintain operational independence and will accept assistance from the group as necessary to expand and support high-end storage solutions required in other markets around the world.

In addition, Phison will actively introduce strategic investment partners for Nextorage according to the future development needs of the group, jointly expand the customized high-end market, and continue to build a market-wide ecological chain.

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