On November 14, the first episode of “First Release” created by Changan Automobile and CCTV was officially launched. In the program, Changan Automobile showcased the company’s new brand positioning “Technology Changan Smart Partner”, as well as innovative achievements such as the Ark Architecture, the new technology smart aesthetic concept car Vision V, and a new service system that will evolve.

Changan Automobile announced that it will join hands with Huawei and Ningde to create a new high-end smart car brand, including a world-leading, autonomous and controllable smart electric vehicle platform, a series of smart car products and a super “human car home” smart life and smart energy ecosystem .

Grasping the historical opportunity of the industry to build up the “national team” of smart new energy vehicles

In November 2020, the State Council pointed out in the “New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan”: “The new energy vehicle industry will face unprecedented development opportunities from 2021 to 2035 and will become an important engine for the sustained growth of the world economy.

The transformation of automobiles from simple means of transportation to intelligent terminals, energy storage units, and digital spaces drives the transformation of energy transportation and information and communication infrastructure, effectively promoting the optimization of energy consumption structure, the construction of intelligent transportation systems and smart cities, and has broad market prospects and huge market prospects. growth potential. “

Under the wave of “new four modernizations”, smart new energy vehicles have become one of the recognized development directions of the future automobile industry. As the intersection of innovation in communication, energy, smart transportation, artificial intelligence and other fields, smart new energy vehicles have attracted all parties to participate. The development of China’s auto industry has brought unprecedented challenges.

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