The small compact thermostats KTO 111 and KTS 111 from STEGO provide a practical innovation: Push-in terminals secure faster and tool-free connection. The small-sized regulators can be swiftly connected within an enclosure or control cabinet to switch heating and cooling systems. These offer a constant climate, stop the formation of harmful condensation, and allow the trouble-free operation of sensitive electronics.

With the new thermostats, the company has adapted its regulators to satisfy the demands of the enclosure manufacturing industry. The thermostats connect to the power supply tool-free using push-in terminals on the housing front. The terminals offer constant pressure on the connection wires securing safety even through transportation of preassembled enclosures. It stops wires from becoming loose. Another advantage of the terminals is a two-thirds reduction of installation time due to tool-free wiring.

The operating temperature of the thermostats covers from -45C to +80C (-49F to + 176F) in an environment with a maximum of 90% relative humidity (non-condensing). The devices are developed for protection type IP20 and protection class 2, produce a verified service life of 100,000 cycles and are ideal for the following switching currents: 250VAC, 120VAC, and 24DC to 72V. The maximum inrush current is AC 16A for ten seconds. The switch temperature difference is 7K with a tolerance of ±4K. They are mounted by a clip for a DIN rail. A distinct feature of the new thermostats is their suitability for employment in high altitudes. The thermostats can be used up to 5,000m (in overvoltage category II) and up to 2,000m (in overvoltage category III), thanks to the optimised air gap and increased creepage distance. The thermostats have standard agency approvals, such as safety approvals by UL and VDE.