BXE-4-32 was selected, said Imagination, for area efficiency while processing four pixels per clock, plus its multi-core capability and cache configurability.

BXE also features Imagination’s IMGIC multiple-quality-level real-time image compression technology that “enables DTV platforms with a BXE-4-32 GPU to configure and optimise image quality and reduce system bandwidth for a responsive user experience” said Imagination.

Imagination and Realtek have collaborated for many years.

In February, StarFive of Shanghai licenced the same core for a 1.5GHz multi-core Risc-V-based artificial intelligence vision processing system-on-chip called ‘Jinghong 7100’, to go on StarFive’s ‘BeagleV’ Linux single-board computer.

“BeagleV is not only is equipped with self-developed NNE and ISP, but also carries VDSP and video decorder-encorder, and has all the scalable features that today’s desktop computers possess,” said Imagination at the time. Use is expected in industrial machinery, data centres and edge computing.