Premium+TWIDO+ATV31 solution hardware structure

Schneider Electric’s total solution for material sorting systems

Scheme schematic

The first layer control is similar to the second layer control principle. Twido is used for conventional IO process control, and information is exchanged with Premium Ethernet, and then the ATV31 inverter (built-in CANopen slave port) is controlled through Premium’s CANopen communication for speed setting, Operations such as resetting and reading the inverter status use bus communication instead of analog control, saving costs for customers.

Schematic diagram of a layer of control:

Schneider Electric’s total solution for material sorting systems

Schematic diagram of the second layer control:

Schneider Electric’s total solution for material sorting systems

Advantages of this program

This control scheme uses Schneider’s Modicon Premium automation platform and Unity software and the ATV31 frequency converter under TE. Premium released in 1997, sells about 20,000 CPUs per year, sales of about 77 million euros, Premium has sales and support in 130 countries, new 32-bit architecture, enhanced performance, 57-3634M CPU includes Ethernet port as built-in port , can communicate with the inverter and ERP respectively, with stronger functions, increased performance, and increased data and program capacity. The super processing power of the new design reduces cycle time, provides more capacity for programs and data, and enhances analog and process processing capabilities. ATV31 frequency converter, compact structure, integrated EMC filter, built-in MODBUS and CANopen communication port, allows to use CANopen communication mode control, easy to use.

This control scheme adopts CAN bus communication: it has high bit rate (up to 1Mb); high anti-electromagnetic interference; using short frame, increasing real-time and anti-interference ability. The communication mechanism of CANopen is simple, which can reduce the complexity of the device. It can manage 128 devices (1 master station + 127 slave stations). The CANopen protocol is suitable for embedded networks of all machines and is the most important network standard in Europe.

Premium CPU and TWIDO use Ethernet communication and can directly connect with general company’s ERP system.

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