The Igus chainflex cables from Igus are produced with a ‘cost down, life up’ message. With its TPE jacket material, the products can cope with highly demanding applications using very high abrasion resistance while providing superior protection levels when faced with harsh chemical and oil-based environments. The patented bundle design assures small bend radius figures, making chainflex cables ideal for employment in echain (cable carrier), flexible and fixed applications. Screened control cables are employed in an extensive variety of applications where EMC/EMI/Cross talk provide issues. Core sizing ranges from 0.14mm²-4mm², with core identification using DIN 47100 colour coding or with black cores, white numerals plus earth (GY) depending on the size of core needed.

The CF10 is intended for heavy-duty applications supported by its virtually unlimited resistance to oil and bio-oils. Excellent for use on indoor and outdoor applications, it is supported by a working temperature range from -55C to +100C.

Typical application areas include storage and retrieval units, machining units/machine tools, quick-handling, clean room, Semiconductor insertion, outdoor cranes, low-temperature applications.