On July 21, 2021, China’s first DevSecOps Agile Security Conference (DSO 2021), guided by CAICT, hosted by Suspended Mirror Security, and co-organized by Tencent Security, will be held in Beijing.

Security starts from the supply chain: DevSecOps Agile Security Conference 2021 is about to be held

Since the SolarWinds software supply chain attack incident has attracted global attention at the end of 2020, “software supply chain security” has rapidly become the hottest keyword in the field of cybersecurity in 2021. Attacks on security flaws in the software supply chain have caused serious threats to national infrastructure, corporate business systems, and personal information security. More and more organizations realize that risks such as security flaws and vulnerabilities caused by design errors, coding errors, and the introduction of third-party open source components in the software development process have become the essential cause of current cybersecurity incidents.

DevSecOps Agile Security Conference (DSO 2021) takes “security from the supply chain” as the theme, implying that the foundation of security determines the “superstructure”, injecting security attributes covering the entire process into the software supply chain in a cloud-native environment, and managing risk from the source . As the leader of DevSecOps agile security, the organizer of the conference, Suspension Mirror Security, strives to build the conference into a security ecological event with the vision of converging cutting-edge agile security technologies and leading the development of software supply chain security.

The conference is positioned as a platform for the exchange of DevSecOps agile security cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking. DSO 2021 will conduct in-depth discussions with authoritative scholars, security experts, and technical elites in terms of industry insights, technical standards, and practical explorations. The topics cover continuous security testing, microservice security, container security, car networking security and other cross-technical areas, and direct access to software The management, process, technology, tools and other issues involved in the complex scenarios of supply chain security are expected to provide the source of innovation for the development of the security industry.

On July 21st, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, leaders of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, senior executives and technical elites from banking, insurance, securities and other financial institutions, as well as multi-dimensional technical experts of security ecology will come to the DSO 2021 conference site, through keynote speeches, roundtable dialogues And other forms, to bring professional and in-depth interpretation and sharing to hundreds of audiences at the scene. In addition, a number of security vendors will exhibit their latest technical solutions and products on-site, and have face-to-face exchanges with professional visitors.

More conference highlights include:

Industry initiative: The first domestic DevSecOps agile security conference, which brings together the best practical experience and innovative thinking from the frontline.

Authoritative interpretation: The Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology publicly interpreted the “Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) Tool Capability Requirements” for the first time, and established industry standards to accelerate the standardized development of technologies and tools.

Cutting-edge insights: The first “White Paper on Software Supply Chain Security” was published, which combined with practical business scenarios to prospectively predict the development of software supply chain security insights.

Expert discussion: Multi-dimensional discussion of security threats and solutions in actual business scenarios, gathering multiple perspectives from authoritative organizations, industry users, and security vendors to examine the status quo and trends of the industry.

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