Semikron SKM195GAL124DN Semikron SKM195GAL124DN

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.N channel,honogeneuous Silicon structure NPT-IGBT (Non punch through)
.Low saturaton voltage
.Low inductance case
.low tai current with low temperature dependence
.High short cricuit capbility, self limiting to 6*Icnom
.Fast & Soft inverse CAL diodes
.Without hard mould
.Large clearance(10 mm)and creepage distances(20 mm)
Typical Applications
.Switching(not ofr linear use)
.Switching mode power supplice
.DC servo and roblt drives
.DC choppers
.AC motor speed control
.UPS Uninterruptable power Supplies
.General power switching applications
.electronic (also portable) welders
1)Tcase=25 °C, unless otherwise specified
2)If=-Lc, Vr=600V,-dif/dt=1500A,Vge=0V
3)Use Vgeoff=-5…-15V
The free-wheeling diodes of the GAL type have the data of the inverse diodes.
CAL=Controlled Axial Life time Technology
SKM195GAL124DN power transistor module Low Loss IGBT Modules