Camarillo, CA, USA, November 27, 2019 – Semtech Corporation (NASDAQ: SMTC), a leading provider of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products and advanced algorithms, announced that its LoRa Corecell reference design is widely available Indoor gateway applications in the Chinese IoT market. This reference design was developed to be compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol for applications such as home, building, and factory automation. The RF devices included in this reference design conform to national regulations in frequency bands and transmit power.

Indoor IoT applications have been widely introduced in China’s domestic smart buildings and smart homes. According to data from iResearch, the size of China’s smart home market is expected to exceed 480 billion yuan (about 68.5 billion U.S. dollars) in 2019. The research firm estimates the market will grow to more than 580 billion yuan ($83 billion) by 2020. In the current market, emerging products and models such as DIY smart hardware products, whole-house intelligence and whole-building intelligence solutions, as well as smart apartment management and the rise of the front-loading market are all driving the demand for indoor gateways. The LoRa Corecell reference design provides designers with advantages such as ease of use and accelerated time-to-market to help the industry address the rapidly growing Chinese market with unique features.

“Vertical IoT markets such as smart homes and smart buildings in China are growing rapidly with the mass deployment of LoRa-enabled sensors. The demand for new indoor gateway products continues to emerge from these diverse applications. The LoRa Corecell reference design can help Chinese design Designers eliminate design complexity and reduce time-to-market for products in the smart home and smart building industries.” said Pedro Pachuca, Director of IoT, Wireless and Sensor Products Division at Semtech: “As we announced earlier this year, Semtech is committed to developing A LoRa product roadmap that simplifies IoT applications, resulting in faster time-to-market for IoT solution providers and system integrators. This new reference design is critical to our LoRa products as more and more Many Chinese designers and consumers are looking for solutions with low power consumption, smaller form factor and higher integration to improve the performance of emerging applications such as door and window security sensors and temperature/humidity monitoring in the Chinese market.”

The LoRa Corecell reference design provides a “minimal optimized solution” for building gateway applications, denoted by the names “core” and “cell”. This reference design consists of two new integrated circuits (ICs), a LoRa-based gateway baseband transceiver (SX1302) and a low-power multi-band Sub-GHz RF front-end (SX1250), enabling customers to deploy cost-effective indoor gateway solutions Program. The frequency band and transmit power of radio frequency equipment comply with Chinese regulations.

These ICs are designed to significantly reduce power consumption to one-tenth of traditional products to support power-constrained, USB-based gateways and battery-powered mobile gateways. The new products reduce bill of materials (BOM) costs, support miniaturized system product designs, while offering a larger number of modulators and demodulators to improve performance. In addition, spreading factor 5 and spreading factor 6 have been added to support higher data rates, resulting in shorter transmission times and lower power consumption.

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Key Product Features

  LoRa Based Gateway Baseband Transceiver (SX1302):

LoRaWAN Class A/B/C, deployable in all regions

125 kHz LoRa receiver with:

o8 8-channel LoRa packet detectors

o8 SF5-SF12 LoRa demodulators

o8 SF5-SF10 LoRa demodulators

o125/250/500 kHz LoRa demodulator

· (G) FSK demodulator

· Direct connection to Semtech transceivers

 Multi-band Sub-GHz RF Front End (SX1250):

+22dBm output power

· Low UHF bands 169 and 433 or 490 MHz

·China frequency band 470-510MHz

North American band 915 MHz

· European frequency band 868 MHz

24-pin QFN package (4mmx4mm)


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