In Yilin’s CNC precision parts processing and manufacturing process, we can process a variety of different and replicated precision parts. These parts and the parts processing requirements of various materials are different. In the previous article, we also clearly stated that for some materials processing, there is indeed a certain degree of difficulty, because of its physical properties, the CNC machining center lathe is not very good for its operation when we are processing. Therefore, it is necessary for our operators to come up with various methods to do it, no matter what method is used, this involves the improvement of the processing technology.

Because the production requirements and conditions of various parts are different. When the same parts are produced using different technological schemes, their production efficiency and economic benefits are also different. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the parts, the process of drawing up a reasonable and feasible process plan with good comprehensive technical and economic benefits is called the process design of the parts. So what is the specific production process? Let us introduce what are the processes of precision parts processing:


1. The production process changes from design drawings to products, and has to go through a series of manufacturing processes. Generally, the entire process through which raw materials or semi-finished products are transformed into products is called the production process. The production process usually includes:

1. The technical preparation process includes market surveys, forecasts, new product identification, process design, standardization review, etc. before the product is put into production.

2. Or technological process refers to the process of directly changing the size, shape, mutual position of the surface, surface roughness or performance of the raw material semi-finished product to make it a finished product. For example, liquid forming, plastic forming, welding, powder forming, cutting, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, etc., are all technological processes. Compile a reasonable process into a technical document used to guide production. This technical document is called a process specification.


3. The auxiliary production process refers to the auxiliary production activities necessary to ensure the normal progress of the basic production process.

4. The production service process refers to the process of organization, transportation, custody, storage, supply of raw materials and product packaging and sales.

2. The components of the process The cutting process of the parts is composed of many processes, and each process is composed of station, work step, tool movement and installation.


In fact, the processing technology of CNC lathes is different for each processing plant, because the equipment and personnel of each manufacturer are different. Therefore, the technological level we are talking about here is only aimed at what some factories can achieve. It is said that some manufacturers have far surpassed the technological level, so we cannot treat them equally, but for processing a product, the bottom line is The requirements are definitely not changeable.