Anritsu Corporation has introduced the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A 5G Entry Model, a single-instrument solution that supports multiple RATs of LTE thru 5G NR incorporating wide and narrowband IoT. The 5G Entry Model is claimed to be the only solution in its class that performs LTE, NR FR1 Sub-6GHz and FR2 mmWave measurements, producing a cost-efficient solution for mobile device developers, repair facilities, and test laboratories.

While the number of wireless device channels and use cases grows, critical testing over numerous test combinations can be performed in a much lower timeframe with the high-speed performance of the new model. The introduction of it supports the market demand to produce stable and reliable wireless evaluation functions of advanced smart IoT devices at a low cost.

The model is the only test instrument in its class having a simple upgrade path from low-, mid-, and high-range capability when advanced test functionalities are required. The ease and affordability of enhancement produces a very scalable and configurable solution that lowers the total cost of ownership.