Recently, according to official sources from Sony China, the Sony Group Corporation held the “Sony Technology Day” event on December 6-8, local time, which showcased Sony’s various “black technologies” online.

According to public information, the theme of this event is “Technology that Stimulates Emotions”, and the following eight technologies are introduced, which connect the different businesses of the Sony Group and support the company’s development.

Sony is positioned as a “creative entertainment company built on a solid technological foundation”, and its corporate mission is “to move the world with the power of creativity and technology.” At the opening ceremony of the event, Toru Katsumoto, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Sony Group, said: “I hope to take the lead in uniting the many different businesses of the Sony Group through talents and technology. To further develop our products, content and services.”

According to Wisdom Buds data, as of the latest, Sony and its affiliates have a total of 1,052 XR-related patent applications in 126 countries/regions. According to the data of the patent inventors of the wisdom buds, in the current ranking of patent inventors, the TOP 8 patent applicants mentioned above are from VAN DER LAAN, ROGER, PERLMAN, STEPHEN G., COTTER, TIMOTHY, FURMAN, SCOTT, BUCKLEY, IAN, MCCOOL, ROBERT, BENEDETTO, WARREN, PERLMAN, STEPHEN, G. The number of patents owned by these inventors are 167, 135, 49, 49, 48, 47, 33, 29 respectively .

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