Qilu·Lightning News, December 11, December 10, 2021, at the 2021 Medical Data Science Conference, Shandong Healthcare Big Data Management Center (referred to as “Data Management Center”), North Healthcare Big Data Technology Co., Ltd. ( “Northern Health” for short) signed a contract with Dana Robotics Co., Ltd. for the health care big data artificial intelligence demonstration application project, which marks the first artificial intelligence field data of the National Health and Medical Big Data Center (North) (abbreviated as “North Center”) The operation demonstration project was officially signed and landed.

Wu Xiangdong, member and deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Health Committee, Chi Weiwei, secretary and director of the Shandong Health and Medical Big Data Management Center, and Gao Jing, general manager and CEO of Lianren Healthcare Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., verified the signing. Qin Kaishi, deputy director of Shandong Healthcare Big Data Management Center, Deng Xiaoning, deputy general manager of Lianren Healthcare Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., and general manager of Northern Healthcare Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., and Fu Yanjiang, deputy general manager of Dana Robotics Co., Ltd. Sign a cooperation agreement together.

2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. The “14th Five-Year Plan and the Outline of Long-Term Goals for 2035” emphasizes key research in cutting-edge fields such as new-generation artificial intelligence and clinical medicine and health. This signing is dedicated to promoting the substantive exploration of artificial intelligence in the context of medical care and nursing. In the next step, the three parties will carry out in-depth project cooperation. Based on the massive data resources of the Northern Center, focus on professional medical care companions, intelligent consultation and other elderly care and medical application scenarios, and carry out medical knowledge graph construction and intelligent question-and-answer model training to create professional medical knowledge. Intelligent robots with question and answer capabilities assist users in completing independent consultations, allowing ordinary people to obtain professional symptom diagnosis, treatment and medical advice at the first time without leaving home, thereby effectively reducing medical costs, improving service efficiency in the medical industry and improving patient experience .

In the future, the North Center will use massive health and medical big data as the core production factor, and work with all parties to accelerate the innovative application of health and medical big data in finance, commercial insurance, medicine and other fields, and continue to create new supplies, tap new demands, and create new momentum. , Cultivate new industries, continuously release the new value of healthcare big data, and empower the high-quality development of the healthcare industry.

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