Judging from the current situation, Apple is ready to release its first new iPhone this year in March, but the worst thing about the machine is that it cannot get enough production capacity for users to buy it.

According to upstream supply chain sources, Apple has postponed PCB orders for this low-priced iPhone from the first quarter to the second quarter.

In addition to the inability to keep up with the supply of some parts of the low-priced new iPhone, Foxconn’s current resumption of work is not very satisfactory. Its factory in Zhengzhou is currently only about 50% of the previous production capacity, which has also caused iPhone production to be in trouble.

Industry chain sources bluntly stated that some parts of the low-priced new iPhone were originally intended to be processed in the first quarter. However, reports now claim that Apple has informed them that these orders should now be delivered in the second quarter, apparently as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The new iPhones may still be available in March, but supplies will likely be limited and production may not climb until April.

According to the previous news, the iPhone SE2 is the “low-cost iPhone” that many users have been waiting for for a long time (it is said to be priced from 2,800 yuan). Its appearance is similar to the previous iPhone 8, but it uses the latest A13 processing of the iPhone 11 generation Therefore, slightly retro elements such as Touch ID fingerprint recognition and 4.7-inch screen are retained, but the performance is the same as the current flagship.

Of course, cheapness also comes at a price, and this is actually the number of ways of the previous generation iPhone SE. The latest chip is installed in the previous shell, which saves a design fee, and the product price can be relatively low.

Author: Snowflake

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