Toshiba electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Announces Changes to Directors and Auditors

TOKYO–Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation today announced forthcoming changes to its directors and auditors. Details follow.

June 1, 2021
1. New director
   Director                                        Akira Nakanishi

2. Retiring director
    Director                                       Yasuhiko Karakawa

June 21, 2021
3. New director and auditor 
    Director                                       Tomomi Ushijima
    Auditor                                        Hiroki Okada

4. Retiring director and auditor
    Director                                       Hiroki Kawagoe
    Auditor                                        Fumiaki Shigemitsu
*Hiroki Kawagoe will succeed Kazuya Mori as President of Japan Semiconductor Corporation, a manufacturing subsidiary of Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation.

5. List of Directors and auditors, as of June 21, 2021
    Director, President & CEO              Hiroyuki Sato
    Director, Senior Vice President       Seiichi Mori
    Director, Vice President                 Akitoshi Iwata
    Director                                       Kenji Kishimoto
    Director                                       Takashi Miyamori
    Director                                       Makoto Sakai
    Director                                       Takeshi Kamebuchi
    Director                                       Takayuki Yamamoto
    Director                                       Akira Nakanishi
    Director                                       Tomomi Ushijima
    Director                                       Hideaki Ishii (Toshiba Corporation)
    Auditor                                        Hiroki Okada
    Auditor                                        Kazuyoshi Ishiyama (Toshiba Corporation)
    Auditor                                        Masami Takaoka

Notes: Main employer indicated in parentheses. 

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