Touch controlled for mid-sized industrial displays

The mXT2952TD touch controller board is compatible with Data Module’s earlier mXT2952T2, but includes differential mutual sensing to increase signal-to-noise ratio.

“Neither thick gloves up to 5mm nor cover glasses up to 10mm affects the multi-touch recognition of the new controller board,” according to the company. “The high signal-to-noise ratio is also crucial for passing electromagnetic compatibility tests according to EN61000-4-6 immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields. Even at noise of 10V/m and higher, the mXT2952TD controller board can comply with evaluation criterion A – no impairment of the function during and after the test. ”

The board can perform real-time signal and voltage analyses, forwarding errors to a host to provide field service and maintenance data.

“Harsh environmental conditions such as dust, dirt and also saltwater with a salinity of 3% and more do not impair the touch functionality,” said Data Modul  product manager Robert Meier. “In addition, all touch solutions based on the new controller board can be individually adapted to the respective customer requirements regardless of their degree of complexity. This enables a high degree of flexibility for all industrial areas.”