Recently, Trina Solar Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Trina Solar” or the “Company”) announced that the company’s latest research and development of the first large-scale module using 210mm silicon wafers (hereinafter referred to as the “210 module”) officially rolled off the production line. Trina Solar leads the industry in the R&D and manufacturing of 210 modules, which will greatly accelerate the pace of large-scale modules entering the market.

Trina Solar’s module R&D team is guided by customer value, and started the demonstration and research and development of 210 modules in 2019. The first 210 module rolled off the production line, based on the company’s advantageous multi-busbar technology, and innovatively adopted a three-piece version design. Based on comprehensive consideration of potential issues such as module power, yield, manufacturing process difficulty, hot spot risk, output current performance, and junction box safety, Trina Solar’s multi-busbar combined with three-segment design will provide large-scale, high-power modules Compatibility and integration with downstream systems paves the way.


The head of Trina Solar’s technical engineering research and development said: “With Trina Solar’s decades of process accumulation and technology precipitation, we are confident to harness the latest materials and technologies to add a high-performance, high-reliability product to the photovoltaic industry. At present, the team is accelerating the transformation of the latest research and development results into mass-produced products, leading the photovoltaic industry into the era of 500W module power.”

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