On July 9, 2020, TRINAMIC Motion Control Co., Ltd., now part of Maxim Integrated, announced the launch of TMCM-1636. TMCM-1636 is specially developed for drives with power up to 1000W and 60A RMS, and is very suitable for use in robotics, laboratory and factory automation, manufacturing, patient care equipment (such as motorized beds and chairs), and industrial drives.

By embedding Trinamic’s TMC4671 and TMC6100 integrated circuits, the new module can achieve high current loop frequency to minimize current ripple and achieve a powerful drive with extremely high dynamic characteristics. Communication is carried out via CAN interface with TMCL or CANopen protocol. The TMCL version can provide memory for up to 1024 independent operation commands. All of these can be programmed using the simple and intuitive TMCL-DIE, Trinamic’s free programming environment, in order to quickly set up and adjust the design and reduce development time.

Michael Randt, founder of Trinamic, explained: “Field-oriented control, or vector control, has proven to be an effective way to drive a motor with the best torque and speed. In the past, achieving FOC was a very difficult task. Nowadays, Many engineers use dedicated servo controller ICs such as TMC4671. TMCM-1636 further reduces development time and costs by providing highly dynamic solutions for powerful servo drives with integrated FOC.

With the dedicated FOC servo controller IC TMC4671 on the motherboard, TMCM-1636 can support a variety of feedback systems, including double ABN incremental encoder, analog encoder, digital HALL sensor and absolute encoder based on SPI or RS422 Depending on the firmware options. The module also supports +5V DC power supply for external sensors. Further custom firmware options support specific absolute encoder types via SPI or RS422 interface.

The stacking board uses an aluminum bottom plate, with a total of seven M4 screw terminals for effective cooling. Its top feature is an IO and interface connector and a brake control output connector, which can achieve compact design and clean lines. In addition, an integrated overvoltage protection output is added to improve the safety of the equipment.

TMCM-1636 will be available through Trinamic’s distribution channels in early July and will be available in 24V and 48V versions with CANopen or TMCL firmware. Different driver stages are provided, and firmware and hardware can be customized.

Features and advantages:

Servo driver for BLDC and DC motors, providing +24V and +48V power supply

Up to 1000W continuous current and 60A RMS maximum phase current.

CAN and UART interface

Support various feedback systems, including 2 incremental encoders, digital HALL sensor and analog encoder options

Absolutely based on SPI and SSI encoder support

Various GPIO

Motor brake control and overvoltage protection

Trinamic’s powerful servo driver TMCM-1636 is an ideal platform for three-phase BLDC motors and DC motors

TMCM-1636 bottom stack

Trinamic’s powerful servo driver TMCM-1636 is an ideal platform for three-phase BLDC motors and DC motors

TMCM-1636 complete stack


About TRINAMIC Motion Control

Trinamic, now part of Maxim Integrated, makes motion control extremely simple. By converting digital information into precise physical motion, we make the impossible possible.

By combining Maxim Integrated’s analog power processing and communication technology with Trinamic’s motion control expertise, smart motion is now possible. Trinamic’s state-of-the-art ICs, modules, electromechanical systems and development kits enable software engineers to accelerate the time to market of their products and enable them to successfully develop precision drives that can achieve efficient, smooth and quiet motion in one go.


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