Recently, the US Department of Commerce issued a strong statement, requiring major chip companies around the world to submit confidential data in order to understand the reasons for tight chip production capacity and shortages.

As time approaches, it is said that chip supply chain companies such as the American company Intel, German company Infineon, and South Korean company SK Hynix have compromised and expressed their willingness to provide relevant confidential data within the restrictions.

In addition, semiconductor giants outside the United States such as TSMC and Samsung are under pressure, and TSMC is particularly noticeable because the front desk said that it will cooperate with the submission of data.

As we all know, TSMC is the number one foundry manufacturer in the world. There are a lot of customer data. Since the outside world is not clear about how much data TSMC will submit, it also causes customers to worry.

Fang Shuhua, deputy general manager and chief legal officer of the front desk, said in an interview a few days ago that customers are one of the elements of TSMC’s success. TSMC will not disclose sensitive information, especially confidential customer information. Shareholders and customers are requested not to worry.

However, the first denial did not have much effect. TSMC has reiterated a few days ago that the company has been actively cooperating and providing support with all stakeholders to overcome global semiconductor supply challenges. However, there is no and will not provide confidential data, as the company’s legal chief said a few days ago: “TSMC will not provide confidential data, let alone do anything that harms the rights and interests of customers and shareholders.

Samsung has not made a clear statement yet, but it has already lodged a protest with the South Korean government, calling on the government to oppose it. Therefore, the South Korean side will say that it will actively intervene and will not easily disclose and provide highly confidential information.

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