Recently, Professor Meng Lin’s team (High Power Microwave Team) from the School of Electronic Science and Engineering, University of electronic Science and Technology of China published a paper entitled “High-Efficiency Phase-locking of Millimeter-Wave Magnetron for High-Power Array Applications” academic paper. A major breakthrough has been made in the basic research of the high-power microwave technology of the new system, and an efficient frequency locking mechanism based on magnetron is proposed for the first time in the world, which lays a theoretical foundation for the realization of large-scale array applications and greatly expands The application field of electric vacuum devices. Song Minsheng, a doctoral student from Prof. Meng Lin’s team, is the first author of the paper, Prof. Yin Yong is the corresponding author of the paper, and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China is the first and only author of the paper.

As the electric vacuum device with the largest quantity in the world, the magnetron has the advantages of low cost, small size, high efficiency, high power, and wide operating frequency band (applied in the microwave to terahertz frequency band). Professor Meng Lin’s research team has long been devoted to the research of applying electric vacuum devices to the field of high-power microwaves. This paper proposes a new mechanism for efficient frequency-locking and phase-locking of magnetrons. This technology does not require external devices, and only requires special The designed coupling bridge makes the magnetron frequency phase locked, and the locking process will bring almost no energy loss. The theoretical calculation of the phase locking efficiency is as high as 99.9%, which is suitable for the large-scale application of magnetron frequency locking and phase locking in the future. lay a solid foundation. Figure 1 is a 3D schematic diagram of two magnetrons for efficient frequency locking and phase locking, and Figure 2 is the calculated signal diagram and the electronic cluster spokes.

Figure 1. Schematic diagram of high-efficiency frequency-locked phase-locked structure. Two magnetrons are tightly coupled through a coupling bridge.

Figure 2 The power and efficiency of a millimeter-wave magnetron with a single tube power of 22.90kW remain unchanged after phase-locking, the signals are in the same phase, and the spokes of the magnetron are also completely synchronized.

With an impact factor of 4.187 in 2021, “IEEE Electron Device Letters” is the top journal in the field of electronic devices and the first flagship journal of the IEEE Electron Devices Society. The journal usually only includes highly original academic papers on vacuum electronic devices, semiconductor electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, etc. This paper is the second high-level paper published by the high-power microwave team in IEEE Electron Device Letters this year.