Anritsu Corporation has an upgraded synchronous measurement function for its Network Master Pro MT1000A, the industry’s smallest-in-class tester supporting mobile networks up to 100Gbps. 5G networks are expected to support growing future numbers of applications and services, such as hi-definition video streaming, autonomous driving, IoT sensing, smart factories, and more. By upgrading this test function, the company hopes to aid the construction of time-synchronous infrastructure, a key technology supporting 5G networks.

The MU100090B is a GNSS*1 disciplined oscillator supporting GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou and QZSS. It takes signals from each of these GNSS to output a UTC-traceable reference time signal and 10MHz signals as a time-synchronous, high-accuracy reference timing supplied to the portable MT1000A, supporting SyncE Wander and PTP tests up to 25Gbps for measuring network time synchronisation.

Furthermore, multiple MT1000A testers at various remote sites can be operated and monitored from the central office using the Site Over Remote Access MX109020A software to assist in quickly pinpointing synchronisation problems.