Did India maliciously monitor China and Pakistan? !

According to an exclusive report on the US “Forbes News” website on the 17th, India was exposed to have used the hacking technology of a US company to monitor China and Pakistan. The hacking company subsequently terminated its contract with India and stated that the company’s hacking technology was not allowed to be used as a “musket.” Come to “attack Pakistan and China.”

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It starts with the discovery of the Russian cyber security company Kaspersky.

Earlier this year, researchers from the Russian cyber security company Kaspersky noticed a cyber espionage campaign against the Chinese and Pakistani governments and their telecommunications entities. The event will start in June 2020 and will last until April 2021. According to the report, it was the hacking software used by the spy that initially attracted researchers’ interest-Kaspersky called it “Bitter APT”. The software code in it looks like the Moscow anti-virus software supplier previously identified and classified it as belonging to a company code-named “Moses”.

Kaspersky said that “Moses” is a mysterious hacker technology provider. The report quoted a source as saying that the true identity of this supplier is a company called Exodus Intelligence in Austin, Texas, and the customer of “Moses” software-“Bitter APT” is from India.

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According to the report, Exodus’s main business in the past ten years has been in the field of network security and intelligence. It has gained fame through a cover story of Time magazine and the leak of a tool used by law enforcement agencies to hack into an anonymous browser. The company also said it has established cooperative relationships with research organizations of the US Department of Defense and major technology companies such as Cisco and Fortinet.

According to the report, this type of company operates in a niche market in the network security industry worth 130 billion U.S. dollars, and develops software that can invade computers through zero-day vulnerabilities. The report metaphorically stated that these software are like “super-powerful unlocking tools” that can find loopholes in the operating system or applications, allowing hackers or spies to obtain target data. The report added that such loopholes are very rare, and the price of each loophole can reach more than 2 million US dollars. Buyers who have information about these vulnerabilities can prevent hackers who are aware of the 0day vulnerabilities from intruding, but at the same time they can also invade others.

When the “Five Eyes Alliance” countries or their allies make a request, Exodus will provide information about the 0day vulnerability and the software needed to exploit the vulnerability at the same time. The report mentioned that 0day vulnerabilities are mainly sold as defensive tools, but users can also use these 0day vulnerabilities to do what they want.

According to reports, this is how India “maliciously” exploited the 0day vulnerability.

Reported that Logan, CEO and co-founder of Exodus? Brown said that the leaked information was purchased by India and could be weaponized. After investigation, Brown believes that India has selected a loophole from the information about the loopholes, and Indian government personnel or contractors subsequently used the loopholes in a “malicious” way. Brown said that India was subsequently banned from buying new 0day vulnerability-related research from his company in April. He said that although Exodus does not restrict customers’ use of its research results, the use of its research by Indians has gone beyond the scope.

“If you want, you can take advantage of its (vulnerability) offensiveness, but if you want to use a musket to attack Pakistan and China, then you can’t. I don’t want to be involved.” Brown said.

Prior to this, India had been caught in a monitoring storm. According to Al Jazeera’s previous report, India’s main opposition party, the Congress Party, accused Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of spying on Indian officials and other activities through spyware made by foreign companies as a crime of “treason” and endangering national security. A survey revealed on July 18 by a coalition of media organizations revealed that customers of the Israel-based NSO Group may target nearly 50,000 mobile phone numbers worldwide, including more than 1,000 Indian mobile phone numbers. The NSO Group is the manufacturer of the spyware “Pegasus”.

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