What does CNC mean in the field of machining
1. Computer numerical control: In order to realize the flexibility of the manufacturing system, the flexible manufacturing system must include the following components: processing system, the type of workpiece used in the flexible manufacturing system is determined, mainly including machining centers, turning centers or computer numerical control (CNC) cars, Milling, grinding and gear processing machine tools, etc., are used to automatically complete a variety of processes.

2. PTJ Computer Digital Control: Introduction: The main contents of this book include: the working principle of CNC machine tools, CNC programming methods, CNC interpolation principles, computer digital control (CNC) devices, CNC machine tool detection technology, CNC machine tool drive and control System, the mechanical structure and transmission of CNC machine tools, the selection, installation and adjustment of CNC machine tools, fault detection and machine tool maintenance, and advanced manufacturing technology.

3. China Netcom: With the advent of the climax of metropolitan area network construction, the optical network market is rapidly expanding. So how to achieve an efficient and low-cost optical transmission network, and how to optimize the design of the network structure and effectively configure the network equipment has become the research of optical networks Core issue. 10.1 Optimal design of China Netcom (CNC) mesh optical network

4. Numerical control system: choose Baoou, believe in professionalism, and cooperate and win-win professional maintenance automation system control board (chip level) Maintenance scope: programmable logic controller (PLC), numerical control system (CNC), various control board AC and DC drives , Frequency converter, controller, servo motor, power module operation screen, industrial display, programmer, encoder, grating light ruler, etc.