In the CNC machining, we have already talked about the working performance of the CNC belt feeder and so on. We have already understood that the CNC feeder has several different feeding methods. Let’s take a look at the CNC bucket type in detail. How about the working performance of the feeder?

Working principle of CNC bucket feeder


Bucket feeder is mainly composed of traction component (rubber belt or chain), bearing component (hopper) head wheel and bottom wheel, active feeder driving equipment, tensioning equipment, casing, etc. The closed traction member is coiled around the head wheel and the bottom wheel and is tensioned by the tensioning device. For the total length of the traction member, there must be a hopper for each equipment. In order to avoid material throwing and dust flying, these moving parts are closed with a casing. During operation, the external driving equipment drives the traction member and the hopper to operate through the head wheel. The material enters the bottom of the machine base from the feed opening of the machine base, and is lifted up by the moving hopper. After reaching the machine head, the material leaves the hopper under the action of gravity and centrifugal force, and is discharged from the discharge port.


Features of CNC Bucket Feeder:

1. High strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, smooth surface, in line with national food installation standards.

2. Light weight, prolong the service life of the hoisting belt and reduce the energy consumption of the hoist.

3. Good toughness, low damage to materials, no sparks due to friction during work, avoiding dust explosions

4. A variety of materials, a variety of structure formation and more specifications of products, more convenient for selection and design

5. Compared with traditional steel bucket, it has excellent cost performance


The scope of application of CNC bucket feeder:

This equipment can be widely used in food, agricultural bulk products, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, ceramics, glass, recycling, construction, metallurgy, mining and other industries and other environments that require gentle treatment