In our CNC machining, we often encounter problems with automatic feeders. The close cooperation between automatic feeders and CNC lathes can be used to process a workpiece. Then, what are the commonly used automatic feeders for CNC lathes?

There are three types of automatic feeders: 1, belt feeder, 2, bucket feeder, 3, vibrating feeder. Today we will take a look at how the belt feeder is.

Features of CNC automatic belt feeder


The general structure of the belt feeder is mainly composed of conveyor belts, rollers, supporting equipment, driving equipment, active feeder tensioning equipment, unloading equipment, cleaning equipment and racks. The belt feeder is a continuous feeding machine. It uses a conveyor belt coiled on the front and rear rollers as the traction and load-bearing member. The driving roller drives the conveyor belt to move by friction force, and runs with the animal material, and then completes The purpose of transporting the material.


Functional characteristics of CNC belt feeder:


1. The CNC feeder adopts the computer HK control system and has a more user-friendly design. It is suitable for feeding and correcting various metal sheets.

2. Suitable for continuous stamping processing of various hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, toys and auto parts, feeding correction, accurate and durable.

3. This machine adopts imported Japanese-made servo motors, electrical box electronic parts and controllers, etc., with low product failure rate and long service life.

4. The rollers are chrome-plated, high precision and very durable.

5. The roller leveler and the feeder are placed on the same machine table, which can reduce the error during feeding and leveling, meet high-precision requirements, and is easy to install and does not take up space.

6. The feeding length can be set arbitrarily, which is easy to operate, safe and stable. The front end of the coil is flattened to facilitate the material to enter the roller. The motor drives the material pressing arm device to keep the material from loosening.

7. The photoelectric material arc control system can feed materials with high efficiency and simplicity; the material rack motor is driven by a frequency conversion motor, which can be synchronized with the feeder.


The scope of application of CNC belt feeder:


1. It is suitable for feeding and processing of materials with different thickness and length;

2. Suitable for high-speed and long-size feeding to improve productivity and feeding accuracy;

3. The simple operation Panel is equipped with key digital codes for feeding length and feeding speed. The operator can set it arbitrarily, quickly and reliably. The feeding length can be 0.1mm-9999.99mm;

4. Air pressure relaxation (accurate relaxation point), can be used for a long time, zero failure

5. It can be modified into a mechanical relaxation mode according to customer requirements.