The raw silk can be divided into small tow and large tow. It is divided according to how many raw silks each bundle of carbon fibers contains. The number of each bundle is 1k~12k, which is called small tow, and the number of each bundle is more than 24k. called a large tow. In comparison, the price of large tow is cheaper, but in actual use, small tow is still used more. In this article, I will tell you where small tow carbon fibers can be used.


The most common small tow carbon fiber model is 3k, which means that a bundle contains 3000 strands, and other models include 1k, 6k, and 12k. Some people have questioned that the number of precursors of small tow carbon fiber is less than that of large tow, why is the price more expensive? This is because the smaller the tow carbon fiber, the lighter the product, the more valuable it is.


Small tow carbon fiber can be used in, automobile manufacturing, sports and leisure, medical equipment and other fields. In the field, it is mainly used for rocket shells, aircraft skeletons, artificial satellite brackets, wings, and propellers; in the automotive field, carbon fiber materials can be used for license plate frames, rearview mirror frames, interiors, brake pads, and hoods; in sports and leisure fields, carbon fiber is used. In the field of fishing rods, golf clubs, jumping rods, and tennis balls; in the field of medical equipment, carbon fiber is a very good material for medical Panel production due to its good X-ray transmission ability.


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Where Can Small Tow Carbon Fibers Be Used?

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What Is Carbon Fiber?Carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) (or pitch, viscose) and other organic fibers by carbonization (removal of most elements except carbon) by pyrolysis method under inert gas at high temperature above 1,000 °C. Inorganic polymer fibers with a carbon content of more than 90%.