Machining is already a major source of processing in our Dongguan area, and it is also the foundation of Dongguan’s manufacturing industry. Without this foundation, our processing industry would not be able to talk about it.


What is the difficulty factor of PTJ Industrial’s machining? Firstly, the introduction of high-end equipment requires financial resources and other countries’ willingness to export, and secondly, technical personnel. If these two problems are solved, our machining will not be a problem.


The fineness of different products is different. The fineness of some high-standard products generally requires a difference of 1 wire. This processing difficulty is not achievable by every company and every equipment, and the hardness of each product It is not the same. For example, the general hardness of alloy products is within the range of 50-150 degrees. The strength requirements for CNC lathes are very large. Secondly, some of our product structures require one-time molding and cannot be processed twice. At that time, you need one armor and one molding, eliminating the difficulty of processing. If the number of armors increases, the fineness displacement of the product is prone to occur. At this time, the 5-axis multi-axis processing equipment we often talk about can be used. .


Our PTJ company focuses on high-precision processing, especially stainless steel materials. Alloy materials have the advantages of rich processing experience and punctual product exchange.