Whitepaper: Considerations for safe load ecoSWITCH operations

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Integrated ecoSWITCH products deliver an area reducing solution that includes over temperature protection, short circuit protection, soft start, and extremely low RON series resistances of sub−20m, says the company.

It expands on this:

These load switches are used in a variety of applications including computing, industrial robotics, USB−C power delivery, and telecom. The power dissipation in a load switch occurs during two different operational states.

The traditional approach to guaranteeing safe operation is to maintain compliance with the load switches safe operating area limitation (SOA) typically captured in the devices datasheet. A more in depth approach is to consider the amount of energy expended during the transition, which depends on the input voltage, the load capacitance, the load current, and the soft start slew rate setting on the ecoSWITCH.

Limitations are best explored in terms of energy, since the power and transition time are both important factors for safe operation. Understanding how these variables affect energy expended in the switch is critical to safe load switch operation given the thermal dissipation limitation of a given package.

Read this whitepaper from ON Semiconductor »

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