Recently, according to media reports, Beijing Weiqili (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone an industrial and commercial change. The company’s registered capital has increased from 241,96,869 million to 25,560,690, and the shareholder has added a partnership with Xiaomi’s Hubei Xiaomi Yangtze River Industry Fund. Enterprise (holding 1.99999% of shares), Jiaxing Wa Niu Zhixiang Equity Investment Partnership, Inovance Technology.

Public information shows that Jingwei Qili (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and is one of the first companies outside the United States to enter independent research and development, mass production, and mass sales of general-purpose FPGA chips and a new generation of heterogeneous programmable computing chips. Based on advanced and innovative programmable technology, the company has developed a new generation of AiPGA chips (AI in FPGA), heterogeneous computing HPA chips (Heterogeneous Programmable Accelerator), and embedded programmable eFPGA IP cores for applications such as artificial intelligence/intelligent manufacturing. (Embedded FPGA) Three series of products, the application areas cover cloud servers, consumer smart terminals, and national communications/industry/medical and other core infrastructures.

According to Wisdombud data, Jingwei Qili currently has 100 patent applications, 6 copyrighted software and 10 trademarks in 126 countries/regions around the world. In terms of trends, the company’s patent growth rate in the past three years was 6600.00%, far exceeding the average level of its peers.

In addition, through the analysis of all the company’s patents, it can be seen that Jingwei Qili’s patent layout is mainly concentrated in artificial intelligence, system chips, processing units, gate arrays, two-dimensional arrays and other technical fields.

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