At 18:00 on February 22, Yunnan Power Grid Corporation issued a blue warning for the company’s natural disasters (hill fires). While strengthening manual special patrols, the company actively applies new technologies such as remote online monitoring and remote sensing satellite hotspot monitoring, and continuously improves the timely rate of wildfire monitoring and early warning through technical means, so as to effectively prevent wildfires during the high-incidence period of wildfires.


Yunnan Power Grid issued the company’s blue early warning of natural disasters (mountain fire) in a timely manner, and started emergency response in a timely manner in combination with the impact of wildfires on the safe operation of the power grid; all units should attach great importance to the personal safety of on-site personnel during the emergency response to wildfires; strictly Implement the information reporting requirements of “the first person who receives the information at the first time or the person who is found to be the first responsible person to report the information about the wildfire at the first time during the on-site inspection, and is required to directly report the dispatching immediately after receiving the information about the wildfire”.

On the other hand, Yunnan Power Grid requires all units to dynamically update the key control sections of wildfires, do a good job of special patrols in areas prone to wildfires, and focus on sections such as towers, same corridors, and important crossing points. While strengthening manual special patrols, new technologies such as remote online monitoring devices and mountain fire satellite monitoring systems are actively applied, and the timely rate of mountain fire monitoring and early warning is continuously improved through technical means. The Yunnan Electric Power Research Institute independently developed the remote sensing satellite hotspot monitoring system for the first time in China Southern Power Grid and put it online. Up to now, all units of Yunnan Power Grid have installed 1,729 sets of image and video monitoring devices and deployed mountain fire video online monitoring terminal systems to carry out remote monitoring of mountain fires.

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