Zhaoyi Innovation recently stated in a conference call that the price of the company’s NOR Flash in the third quarter was relatively stable, and the demand was very strong, exceeding the original expectations. Looking forward to the fourth quarter of this year, the current demand is still very strong, and it is already in a state of short supply. The prosperity of next year is relatively optimistic.

The company’s 55nm NOR Flash is now being promoted in the market, and the proportion is expected to increase quarter by quarter. By the fourth quarter of this year, it is expected to reach double digits. The production capacity will be gradually switched next year, and the proportion is expected to increase quarter by quarter.

In addition, the company’s TWS headset import capacity is indeed increasing, and 256M products are being imported.

The NOR chip leader in overweight DRAM has attracted much attention from the industry. For the company’s DRAM business, Zhaoyi Innovation said: The self-developed DRAM is still in accordance with the original plan, and the current research and development progress is basically the same as expected. It is expected that products will be released in the first half of next year. Zhaoyi Innovation revealed that the company’s first self-developed product will be DDR3, 4Gb, targeting niche markets.

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